Taken from @amirinully

Taken from @amirinully

Q&A With Nully Amiri

Tell us a bit about you...

I’m currently 17, studying Art, Textiles and English Language A-Level. I’m in my last year of sixth form at the moment therefore I spend quite a lot of my time doing school work. In my free time I like to go out for food (who doesn’t?) and visit art galleries and private exhibitions. 


Where would you like to see yourself in ten years’ time?

This is such a tricky question, I would be 27 in 10 years so I guess in an ideal world I would love to have exhibited my artwork around some art galleries/exhibitions/museums etc, possibly even internationally. I would love to have a stable art career which is proving to be hard these days but a girl can dream. 


Tell us about your art project?

Currently, my art project consists of contemporary free machine embroidery. Influenced by artists and my own line drawings, I like to embroider portraits that almost look like continuous line drawings onto t-shirts. I’m working on a new range (that should be available to purchase soon!) It’s surprising to me that so many people support my project because it initially started when I made a t-shirt just for myself to wear and it gained a lot of attention on my Instagram, which I am grateful for.  I guess I’m doing this project just because I love embroidering so much and line drawings have always been fascinating to me, I always enjoy sitting down and making peoples orders, it’s not a chore at all.

Line drawings, continuous line drawings in particular are a huge influence in my project. Fashion designers such as John Galliano and Maison Margiela have taught me that art is allowed to be spontaneous and doesn’t have to be perfect at all, often in my own work my embroidery isn’t perfectly proportionate on some facial features, but designers like them have made me realise that that’s okay.  Artists like Frédéric Forest have also influenced my work, Forest’s simplicity is so effective and definitely reminds me of my own artwork at times.  


Do you have a long term goal for the project?

 It would be an absolute dream of mine to exhibit my work around galleries. In addition to this, in a year or two I really want to be able to rent out an art studio or shop floor of some sort and exhibit and sell my work for a while at the place, this would be amazing to really get my work out there.


What do you love most about your project? 

One reason I love it is because I enjoy spending my time on it, to me it never gets boring and designing the t-shirts gives me unlimited ideas, I really wish I had more time to bring these ideas to life faster. At first it was quite scary and intimidating for me to share my artwork with people online but receiving great feedback from people has really boosted my confidence and allows me to share my work a lot more confidently, which is another reason I love this project. I’ve always admired the idea of wearing art so the fact that I have been able to create a project based on it to me feels like a good achievement. 

We are very pleased to showcase Nully Amiri as our first 'Monthly Voice'. The 'Monthly Voice' spotlights one creative and inspiring individual to share their opinions, passions and drive in life.

January's voice was handpicked by our editor who found Nully's work on Instagram. Read further for our Q&A  and visit the links below to see her work.