Five Times Young People Are Not Taken Seriously

I'm 19 years old, which is a long time but in today's world, it counts as a young person.

In many ways, I am a young person. My youthful looks, carefree attitude, lack of experiences in many aspects of life and a still in tack optimistic personality.
However, that doesn't mean I am not a mature young adult.

I have always been a fairly mature young lady who can be very professional and serious in certain situations and can use fancy connecting words when I want to.

Therefore (see what I did there), I do get annoyed when I do not get taken seriously in conversations and certain situations just because I am of a young age. 

Do not get me wrong here! I am NOT saying that I know everything. I do not (but guaranteed a lot of the old folk don't know everything either!) and nor do I claim to know everything.
I still have A LOT to learn and I take the guidance and teachings of people older than me very seriously. 

But I do believe that young people are mistreated, misunderstood and not taken seriously. It happens constantly in today's world, and I can categorise it into five main issues.


1. World News and Politics

This is the classic argument going between young people and the rest of the world. Politicians and journalists constantly go on about how young people are the future, so they should listen to what we have to say...but what’s being done about it? Two of the most important votes in the world, Brexit and the US Election, came out as the widely thought negative outcome. Both of those were proved by polls that the results would have been different if people between the ages of 16-18 years old were given the vote. 

Now, the common point is that young people are the future, so they should get their future. This is true, but I find more annoying that young people aren't trusted to make decisions. Once again, the argument is that young people haven't experienced enough to fully understand the issues, but doesn't that make us less corrupted? We see things differently to people who are older and I'm willing to bet it’s a more positive view. Surely, that's a viewpoint government want to consider?

Now I am no expert when it comes to politics and most of the time I struggle to understand but I do take interest and I do have opinions on the issues of the world. So, I don't appreciate it when I get disregarded during an adult conversation about world issues. I am now at the age where I can vote, but I did miss out on the Brexit vote and I know what my choice would have been.

We need to work together to fix the world's problem and that includes everyone's opinions, even young people.

2. The Working World

Now, this one is kind of similar to the World Issues point and one which is close to me at the moment, as you probably tell from my A-Z of Being Unemployed post. Young people are often underestimated in the workplace. It is impossible to get a job in today's world because many roles want a person with a degree and five years’ experience at the same...for a simple receptionist job. You can't get a degree and the experience at the same, but most employers want that from their youthful employees. It's ridiculous.

Once again, I'm willing to bet if an employer took a chance on a young person without the degree or experience but they really wanted the job, they will have one of the best workers they have ever hired.

But young people aren't taken seriously so they are left to try and create that experience out of nowhere when no one will hire them just because of the number of years they were on the planet.

3. Adulting

This one will be a hard one to argue but I'm willing to give it a go. Around 17/18 years old, a person starts to learn what it truly means to be a grown-up. They must start considering their careers, maybe move out, do their own washing, get started thinking seriously about money etc...

Majority of young people don't start off too good at this. When people first move out, they are all about the freedom so don't wash their clothes, tidy their room and eat takeaways all the time. But we all get there in the end.

I'm currently back at home now, sorting my next career move but I did spend a few months on my own, living away from my parents for the first time. I struggled but I did okay. My room was majority tidy, I kept up with my washing and often cooked for myself.

Did anyone believe me? Nope!

People only saw me struggle to budget or struggling to get used to a 9 to 5 job with a long commute. Now I'm back home with family, people automatically believe I couldn't do anything for myself, so I came running home to my mummy to do it for me. This is simply not the case.

I can look after myself and be an adult. I'm mature enough to do things myself and don't hide behind my parents. Yes, they still support me, and I seek their help, but I do know enough to survive.

SIGN NOTE: I don't remember getting taught ANYTHING about this stuff at school. Why are we not teaching students anything about budgeting, living on your own or anything to do with being an adult? Surely that's more important than Algebra and the f*****g Tudors? Just saying!

4.  Dreams and Passions

Why is it we are told we can be anything we want to be. We are told we can dream of the stars and even run and catch them but if we try to discuss it with someone, we look like we are as high as a kite?

Now, this isn't one I get a lot because I have a supportive network, but it must happen to me. I have a lot of dreams and passions in my life and I want to share them with others. Sometimes, people just smile and nod.
Sometimes, people change the subject.
Sometimes, people say that's nice but what am I really going to do?
Sometimes, people just say that I am outright crazy and just to stop it right there.

But why? Why do I have to hide my dreams from others?  Why do I have to play it safe and follow the rules? Why can't I just dream a little crazy and do things the way I want passionately.

My tip to you is, if you ever see a young person discuss or persuade their dreams passionately, you better watch them because despite what you think, they are going places!

5. Family Affairs

This one is the riskiest for me because I'm probably going to get told off for this or full victim to the very point of this post.

Why don't families take their young people seriously?

My family are lovely, amazing, supportive yet weird and I love them to pieces but they would all decline it, they often don't take me seriously. They haven't taken me seriously for all the topics I previously mentioned and many more.

I know this happens for two reasons.
1. They remember me as that silly kid who threw temper tantrums and played with Barbie Dolls.
2. They care about me.

One is painful whilst the other reason is sweet, but I would like to be treated like an adult in my own family, as I'm sure other young people do too.

Trust me though my family is so much better than a lot of other families I know! They put up with a lot with me, so I say:

Guys, if you are reading this as one of my family members, do not take this is the wrong way. I love you so much and I know you support me just as much as I support you. Just using it as an example....

Who am I kidding? I'm dead meat!

My final tip for anyone older reading this:

Don't keep telling us to grow up if you keep treating us like children.



Rosie Anne Wright

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