A Day In The Life Of A Londoner

Why is London one of the most popular places in the world?

London is the 25th largest city in the world. Home to nearly 9 million people, host to one of the ‘Big Four Fashion Weeks’ and with nothing less than 19 million visitors only in 2017. London is beautiful, but it’s just as beautiful as draining.

I am tired.

It’s true. London makes you tired.

You wake up in a cold bed, have some coffee, perhaps a toast with some butter, get in the shower and run to the tube, literally run, because even though your day has barely started you are already late for work.

London is a hectic place. Full of amazing people, but hectic. Just before getting to work you decide to get a coffee and an almond croissant in the nearest Starbucks to your office, or wherever it is that you work, and once you get there you realise that at least half of London’s population have had the same idea. You shove people out of your way, always politely, you stand on the right when riding the escalators and you queue impatiently at Starbucks. You almost spill your turmeric latte with soya milk because you don’t have time to stop. You get to your office just to realise you’re not late after all.

And then you wonder: ‘Why do I still live in London?’

London is still, a melting pot. There’s not much you can’t get done in the city and that’s partly because of all the different people who choose London as their home. London is one of a kind, you may feel like an alien when leaving London, but you love knowing that you’re a Londoner.

Whether you just want to start a business or nurture your creativity, London is just right for you. There is always something to do in London. Your income will evaporate every month in a matter of weeks, or days, but you will be having a blast. London is such a thriving city that it is sometimes exhausting to live in it, but something about London makes you feel alive.

And it is for this reason that London has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the world by so many different surveys. You make not think of this very often but London has one of the largest public transport systems on the planet, despite London being a city with a population of 8.78M people in 2016, its still covered in parks and green areas and some of the most exquisite venues for parties, drinks or food you could possibly imagine such as Somerset House, The Barbican, an innumerable amount of pubs or entire districts like Shoreditch, Clapham or Brixton.

But perhaps, the best thing about London is the ability it has to make you a better person. Sharing your space with so many other people makes you understand a lot more about other culture, it makes you realise that the world is not black and white but that it actually has a whole range of shades of grey. London is capital to many cultures, and if you ever leave London, at least you know that you will always be welcomed back.

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